I have mostly lectured in Swedish but I will certainly do my best if you prefer an English one! I like to share my experiences and the knowledge I possess in training, elite sports, nutrition, psychology and eating disorders. In consultation with you, I put together an exciting and educational chat.
  • training - a workshop about how to plan your training
  • elite athletism - priorities, patience, courage, goalsetting, perfectionism and happiness
  • nutritional strategies - for training, prior to/during competition or in order to perform optimally at work/ in everyday life
  • psychology - lower your expectations on- and dare to believe in yourself
  • eating disorders - eating disorders and elite sports
For information in Swedish, click here !

Want to try rowing?

You and/or your company/family/friends get a chance to try coastal rowing with me. A session will be customized according to your wishes!

Contact me and we'll figure out a good setup.

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